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We have options for auto-installation of mods and budget pricing. Our game hosting service has a range of tariffs to suit your needs. Choose the perfect plan for your RolePlay, Drift, TDM/DM, or MiniGames server and start playing today!

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GTA:SAMP 0.3.7

Affordable plan

San Andreas Multiplayer  

0.015 €/slot

Set in the fictional state of San Andreas in the 1980s, our game features legendary American cars, police chases and gangster showdowns in the fictional city of Los Santos, and best of all, you can join us now and experience the thrill of GTA! Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas takes place in the eighties in the fictional city of Santos, and features legendary U.S. automobiles, police pursuits, and gang confrontations. Plus, with our dedicated efforts, you can create a reliable and stable server on affordable SAMP hosting. We are confident that you will have a great time playing with your friends on your computer or smartphone (SAMP Android). Up to 1000 players can connect to the server!

There are features you get by using our hosting

- Free 5 days trial.
- There also free samp gamemodes in the auto-install catalogue, which makes hosting even more affordable.
- Samp Mobile is supported for Android devices.
- Stable ping and low latency to make sure you'll have smooth and comforatble gameplay on your server.
- The premium 7777 port.
- DCs are located in Europe, so servers have great connectivity and high throughput.
- We offer our services at lowest prices, which makes it affordable for everyone.

Most recent technology

Our high-end server hardware provides the most performance for your SAMP server.
Our servers are optimized for SAMP Android platform.