We have launched the game hosting in Early 2020. By now, we provide the hosting service for GTA San Andreas. There are few multiplayer mods available for it.   The most widespread are  San Andreas MultiPlayerGTA CRMP, Multi Theft Auto.

About our team:
Our teams consists of experienced developers. Most of us already had been launching and maintaining successful SAMP projects. With more than 5 years worth experience in system administration, product developing, including Pawn, which is used in SAMP и CRMP.

Hardware and AntiDDoS-network:
We use premium-tier dedicated servers running on the most recent hardware. We also provide game DDoS and DoS Mitigaion. Whenever there are new security vulnerabilities, we take action as soon as possible.

Why are we different:
You don't have to use any of nerdy IT skills like coding, administration, etc. For this purpose we offer the automated server package installation. There are the same mods and packages that popular and successful projects use in our catalogue, as well as those small projects that you'll still have fun playing with.