Game hosting

We provide game hosting for such popular games from the GTA series as SAMP, CRMP and MTA. Because we understand how important is it to have stable ping and high FPS, we ensure smooth performance and 24/7 availability of the network. The game servers run on AMD Ryzen processors and DDR4 RAM with 2666MHz and higher. Powerful GTA hosting with low prices.

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GTA server game hosting

Feature-rich autoinstallation

With the fast auto-installation you can change server name, customize bonus values and set up admin rights. Thanks to this feature, you can launch a complete project in just a few clicks.


Reliable and secure

Launch a famous entertainment project on high-quality game server hosting using our help. The servers are protected from DDos and Dos attacks. Dedicated servers use NVME disks with high bandwidth, ensuring stable performance of your servers. With that the installation of the project takes only 5 seconds.