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Looking for a reliable CRMP hosting? Welcome to the atmospheric post-soviet world and exciting automotive adventures with GTA Criminal. We offer a reliable server hosting service, versions 0.3.7 and 0.3e are available for the CRMP multiplayer mod.

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Post-soviet styled multiplayer modification. Old soviet cars, authentic provincial grocery stores, wooden houses and typical high-rises are waiting for you, all of them making a breath into the game's atmosphere. You can choose both PC (0.3e and 0.3.7) and Mobile device to create CRMP server and enjoy it to the fullest extent. Dive right into your own online game, have fun and promote it to your new players!

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- Affordable prices.
- Bleeding-edge DDoS/DoS attack mitigation at levels 3-7.
- It's fast: Your CR-MP server will be ready right after you order it! Dive right into gaming atmosphere in no time.
- Free 5 days: We give you free 5 trial days, so you can judge on our realibility yourself before making any payments
- Auto-installation: Our CR-MP auto-installation makes it so easy to build your own server. Don't spend time for uploading and difficult configuration – start playing right now!
- The premium 7777 and 8904 ports for your server. Promote your own project.
- Speed and reliability: We guarantee the stable ping and low latency, so you can get the best gaming experience from us.
- Bleeding-edge server control: Our own "Dove Client Experience" is a set of tools that provide the best administrative experience. Customize everything for youself and monitor the performance.

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